September Fishing Report for Clearwater to Hudson!!!!
September 25, 2016

Rain, Rain, And More Rain!!!!!! That seem to be the norm especially the towards the end of August. One nice thing about all that rain was it cooled the water down. Which made the fish chew a little bit better then normal last month. As we move into September hopefully we will see clam days and just afternoon shower. As far as the fishing goes I have been targeting juvenile tarpon, snook, and redfish.
Juvenile tarpon are by far my favorite species to catch. They are super aggressive if fished properly and will but on one heck of a show!!!!! You can find these sneaky little guys in Gulf Harbors channels or the Anclote river. What you will want to do is get out early and mean super early. As in when the light just starting to show on the horizon. You will want to be as quite as possible and watch from rolling fish. They tend to hang out in died spots in the tide flow. What I mean by died spot is were their is some kind of obstruction, whether that be a bend in the river, or a set of docks or were the seawall sticks out. Prefer bait in my arsenal is a EXUDE DART in the natural shrimp color on a 1/8 jighead, followed up by 30lb Yo-Zuri H.D. Flurocarbon. I like to use a very fast retrieve, in which will create more hits due to reaction bites. Just remember its about the hunt, half the battles finding them and the other half’s getting them to eat.

Snook bite has been very consistent due to the water being a little cooler and all the rain run off. This has also helped push most of the snook towards the mouth of the creeks and esturias. Along with the fact that we are starting to move into the transition stage, when the snook start to slowly migrate back into the backcountry. The spoil island around the mouth of Anclote river , on the deep sides have been holding large numbers of snook. Also the creeks and small estuaries north of the river have been productive. I like to use live plicards, 2-3 feet under a cork. Incoming tide you will want to target the oyster bars, along with fishing tight to the mangroves. Outgoing tide look for these fish to be staging were on the drop offs or were their is a break in the tide.

Redfish are starting to get into the big schools that we tend to start seeing at the later part of the month. Look for these fish to be around Anclote Island, working the flats on incoming water. Also as the tide start to peak they will be foraging up under the mangroves. Bait of choice is cut pinfish or again live pilchard under a cork. The key ingredient is locating the mullet, as the mullet work across the flat the stir all kinds of small bait fish and crabs along their way. Which in return makes for a easy opportunity for a redfish. Again the same goes for when they are up under the trees. For artificial guys again I like to throw a Exude DART in golden bream or natural shrimp, with a slower presentation. Topwater can be super productive at first day break fishing mullet schools. Just remember to handle all these fish with care.

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