Tampa Bay Inshore Fishing

The Tampa Bay area offers limitless opportunities for inshore fishing charters. Depending on the time of year and what you want to fish for, we could fish anywhere from Hudson, FL all the way to Boca Grande, FL and we could fish for anything from sea trout to tarpon. Tampa Bay, Port Richey, Clearwater, and St. Petersburg are all jumping off points for us at certain times of year and each place has unique fishing opportunities, different sights to see, and different ways to fish for fish. Redfish, snook, trout, tarpon and much more are available all at different times of year and different parts of the Tampa Bay area.

Unique Tampa Bay Fishing

Inshore fishing in the Tampa Bay area is unique in that though there are many different ways to fish for many different species of fish throughout the year, we are always fishing within sight of land and always fishing shallow water. Often times we get to sight fish. Which means we will actually see the fish before we catch them. This makes for exciting fishing as you won’t be waiting and hoping for a bite but you’ll be actively presenting baits to fish we know are there.

Here’s some more info about flats fishing the Tampa Bay area…

How long are the runs to the fish?

Usually 15 minutes or less. Often times it’s only a few minutes to our first spot from the boat ramp.

How deep will we be fishing?

Most of the time we’ll be fishing in 3 feet of water or less.

How far offshore are we fishing?

Most of the time we’ll be within a few hundred yards of the shoreline.

How big are the fish we’ll be catching?

Each fish has a different range as far as averages go but trout are typically from 2-5lbs, redfish are typically, 3-10lbs, and snook are usually from 3-10lbs as well. These are just averages and much larger fish are quite frequently caught. Other fish we catch really vary in size depending on the day.