Feb 2021 Fishing Report
February 24, 2021

What can you say, but absolutely amazing weather for January!!! Which in return has made fishing on fire!!!!

Trout have shown up in huge schools along the west coast of FL along pasco county line. Look for this fish to be staging on oyster bars, rock jetties, creek mouths and grass flats with spot bottom. This time of year doesn’t take much to catch them, if in this key areas. Biggest give way I can give anybody is if the mullet are thick then your in the right area. I like to throw baits like the Exude D.A.R.T in golden bream on a 1/4oz jighead or live shrimp under a cork. If using a jig try different retrievals until you figure out which action the trout are preferring most. Cooler days tend to be a slower retrieve, few days in the upper 70’s they will be looking for a faster more erratic retrieval!

Redfish have started to show up in large numbers. Look for the redfish to be feeding heavy on outgoing tides this time of year. Key areas, resident canals and deep creek mouths, easy picking for the fish. Cut pinfish on a 2/0 Eupro circle hook with a little split shot about six inches from your hook. Cast up current and let you bait drift natural into the hole or structure you are fishing. For artificial guys again the Exude DART in golden bream is a deadly combo. Also top water bite has been strong especially in the afternoon when the water has really heated up.

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